Linton Aztec 3 - 0 Potton Colts

Our first road trip of the 2018/2019 season took us to Linton.

Linton caught us napping in the first half, to be fair their skill on the ball was better than ours and they were a well drilled side with strong players. Linton took a well deserved 3 - 0 lead into half time but that said our fitness started to show in the latter stages of the half and going in to the break we started to get a fair amount of time on the ball.

The second half really showed that all the fitness training is worth it, we came out strong and dominated the second half. We kept the ball well but couldn't put it away to push the game back in our favour.

A lot to be proud of from this game, overall the scoreline flattered Linton and we certianly felt we played much better from 25 minutes onwards.