Potton Colts 1 - 0 Ely Crusanders

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Without doubt the best performance the team have every played, across all age categories.

In the face of some pretty tough challenges and a team intent on playing their game and not letting us play ours the Colts looked each other hard in the face and to a man rose to the challenge.

Each player gave it their all, got stuck in and didn't shy away from a challnge when needed to take a well deserved win against the team top of the league and unbeaten this season, unbeaten until today that is.

Today the team looked to have gone up a level and mature into a strong unit. The tackling, passing and communication was all first class.

One final comment, what a great save by the big man in the final moments of the game. He'd been kept pretty quiet all game by a brilliant defence but when it counted he was there for us, well done Kenz.

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