Time's running out...Sign our petition for a 3g pitch

Thanks to everyone who has signed our petition so far - we've got almost 500 signatures but think we can get plenty more. If you haven't signed yet there's still time.

Where do I go to sign the petition for re allocation of Section 106 funds to Potton?

You can sign the petition at the following:

  • Camerons Newsagents.

  • Boundary Café at the Hollow.

  • BP Garage

  • Potton United FC.

  • George & Dragon PH.

  • Royal Oak PH.

  • Coach House.

  • Working Mens Club

What's it all about?

We are trying to raise funds for a new 3g pitch in Potton which has been recognised by Potton Town Council as a need for the town and therefore on the list for Section 106 monies.

Section 106 monies are funds given to a community by a developer in order to help improve local facilities.

Why the petition?

When a development of 90 houses in Potton was recently approved, £42,000 of Section 106 funding for sport was allocated to a sporting facility in.....wait for it, Biggleswade!

Despite Potton Town Council, the developer and ward councillor Adam Zerny calling for this money to be allocated to Potton, CBC have refused.

As Potton has a project in place for a similar facility which also requires funding, it seems unbelievable that money is given to a neighbouring town.

We are appealing to Central Bedfordshire Council on behalf of the local community to re-allocate the funds to Potton.

Don't delay, sign today. It only takes a minute



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